A lot of Awards!!

The Quality of our Koi can compete with that of Japan. This is something we have proved at the Koi shows in Europe.

Yoshikigoi won many awards all the Koishows in Europa. The highest number of Awards that Yoshikigoi won was at the German Young Koi Show in Berlin 2014.

In 2014 Yoshikigoi won the incredible number of 91 Awards at the Young German Koishow. This is the European equivalent of the so-called Wakagoi Show from Japan; a prominent Koi Show for fish to 67 centimetres in length. Further remarkable is the fact that this show was only judged by Japanese breeders, namely; Futoshi Mano (Dainishi Koi Farm), Manabo Ogata (Ogata Koi Farm) and Senichi Mano (Izumiya Koifarm). This is the first show where the judgement was entrusted exclusively to Japanese breeders. On this unique Show the Yoshikigoi won an incredible 91 awards.

Another show was in Arcen 2012 where Yoshikigoi took 26 awards with just 36 Koi entered Koi, including Senior Tategoi, most

Unique Champion, Variety all sizes, Special variety Beni Kumonryu.

All these results are largely due to the Yoshikigoi Koifood.